Have you ever noticed that almost all great achievers never seem to miss an opportunity to get what they want?

Not only that but they also seem attract the needed resources to achieve it.¬† You know what I’m talking about, guys like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Tony Robbins never seem to miss what for most people would be overlooked opportunities and resources to achieve their objective. I believe this is due in part to two very powerful forces working in tandem.

1. The Reticular Activating System

The first is the RAS. If you have never heard of the RAS you’re not alone.¬† It stands for Reticular Activating System and is part of your very complex brain located below the Brain Stem and Basel Ganglia.¬†The RAS acts a little like a sentry whose job it is to RED FLAG point out, and brings to our conscious attention, those things that are familiar, problematic and significant.¬† ¬†It’s the significant part we’re concerned with here.

It’s the RAS that will suddenly have you noticing all the yellow Jeeps on the road just after buying a yellow jeep.¬† It’s certainly not that there was a sudden explosion in yellow Jeep sales following your decision to purchase one.¬† It’s simply that by buying one you made them significant.¬† It’s part of the 7 Rules of Achievement.

What else makes something significant to you? ¬†If it’s important‚Ķright?¬† When you set and program into your unconscious mind a very specific intention, goal, or desired outcome that objective becomes important to you‚Ķ yes?¬† The result is that suddenly anything and everything that is even remotely related to that objective becomes “significant” and your RAS screams out “look over here don’t miss this.”

2. The Law Of Attraction

The second thing that seems to work in favor of great achievers is The Law of Attraction. By now we know that everything in the universe is energy and that all energy, including human beings move through the universe with specific frequencies and vibrations.

Money is energy, a new car is energy, love is energy, and so is leadership and they all put out a very specific frequency and vibration.  When your R.A.S is programmed for a specific objective and you take congruent action towards its attainment you change the frequency at which you vibrate.

When you align your vibrational frequency with that of which you desire the universal Law of Attraction kicks in and the universe and God begins to lend a hand in your success.¬† “God helps those who help themselves” remember?

Trump, Buffet, and Robbins have absolutely nothing on you when it comes to employing these two powerful forces.  But like them you must identify and program into your RAS an important and significant objective otherwise you will continue to be distracted by anything that has everything to do with nothing.