“After working with Tom and having experienced his skills as a coach there was no doubt in my mind that the 7 RULES of Achievement would change lives. It certainly changed mine.”

Russ Dispense, President of KingSoopers (a Kroger Food Chain)

“Terwilliger’s love for people and his desire to help them succeed is evident throughout the book along with the RULES needed to do it.”

Harv Eker, author of #1 NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Totally inspiring! You can use this outstanding book as a guide for how to achieve what you want in any area of life. Tom has taken the lessons learned from athletic competition – and they are many – and translated them into a step by step model for eliminating the roadblocks to success.”

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, author of The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer

“Tom delivers a unique approach to the pursuit of our potential that also preserves, honors and utilizes the principles we innately know to be true about goal setting and achievement.”

Raymond Aaron, success and investment coach & author of Double Your Income Doing What You Love

“IFBB pro, author and world-class motivational speaker, Tom Terwilliger’s latest personal growth and development system, 7 RULES of Achievement, will help you program for success the most important piece of equipment you own – your brain.

FLEX Magazine

“The 7 Rules of Achievement is the key to unlocking your full potential. It’s not a guide to doing more or working harder. Tom gets right to the point of greatest leverage, your deep, core beliefs that are either silently — almost mysteriously — limiting your success. Open this book and you’ll not set it down. Live the RULES and they’ll never let you down.

Shawn Phillips, author of Strength for Life and veteran Integral Fitness Expert

“Many of us are looking for the blueprint to follow and build a life of uncompromising success-Tom’s energy and wisdom gives you the recipe… inspiration and motivation which will lead to transformation. Follow Tom’s lead and live the life of your dreams!”

Dr’s Debra and James Rouse, creators/founders of Optimum Wellness Media and QVC’s Wellness Doctor

“This book is awesome. Got me off my backside to get back into something I had been “thinking of” for a long time. By the end of the first chapter I was committed 100%. The results I am getting from making the commitment and daily moving towards what I desire are amazing. Fast, fast, Fast! Get the book!”

Kathleen Gage, “The Street Smarts Marketer” – award winning business owner, speaker, bestselling author and in-demand mentor

“Filled with insights and lessons that go well beyond the 7 RULES themselves this book is a treasure trove of experience and growth that should be a must read for anyone into taking their ability to live fully to an extraordinary level.”

Dr John Spencer Ellis, Executive Producer of The Compass

“Authenticity, heart, and down to earth honest experience; written with humility and passion, are the driving components of Tom Terwilliger’s exposĂ© on the essential principles for success in life–or as Terwilliger has so aptly titled his book, “The 7 Rules of Achievement.” Within the first few pages, I knew instinctively this was a book I’d be sneaking into the bathroom to read!”

Angie Phillips, MA Psychology

“Tom articulates achievement masterfully! You’ve got me revisiting my goals and their specificity right now, I am fully engaged. It’s great to have an Achievement Mentor to step up my game even further.”

John Allen Mollenhaur, founder of the Lifestyle Coaching Center and co-author of The Curse of the Capable – The Hidden Challenges to a Balanced, Healthy High Achieving Life

7 Rules of Achievement is a game changer!! Thanks for taking the time to invest your life in the rest of us!!!”

John Rowley, America’s Lifestyle Strategist, Best Selling Author, TV Personality, Fitness Celebrity

“I’ve written down and achieved some very specific goals during the past 15 years, but after reading your book and listening to your audios I have never been more crystal clear on some of my bigger goals. You ROCK Tom! I sure am grateful that our paths crossed.”

Scott Tousignant, Fat Loss Expert & Social Media Junkie

“I’m reading your book 7 Rules of Achievement!!! Freakin Rocks, got the FIRE UP MY a_ _ to get ROCKIN’ with my business, after a year of putting it off because of a LIFE CHANGE (BABY)!!!! You are awesome!!! I’m pumped to finish it, can’t put it down!”

Michelle Marie Valladares-Diaz, Mom, Personal Trainer, and CEO of MichelleMarieFit


“I’ve studied the top names such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and never thought these guys could be matched even a little bit but after just 10% of reading the 7 Rules of Achievement book, I immediately wanted to take action and start achieving with still 90% of the book to go. If you are in a rut and want to take your life (work, relationship, health, etc.) to new heights, add this to your reading list, I know I have.”

Geovanni Derice, VP of Marketing

“I just got the book from Amazon… and I’m devouring it! Thank you!”

Jim Rice

Tom’s 7 Rules have instilled a light in me I thought long extinguished. Redirecting my life would not have been possible without Tom Terwilliger.

Joe Famiglietti

“I am constantly reading books on success so that I can stay focused, or in hopes of extracting one new kernel of information that will empower me to think about pursuing my goals more effectively. Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of 7 RULES of Achievement is that there is no lofty language, and no gushing new age dogma. This book is about getting down to business and DOING the hard work instead of daydreaming about it or “feeling it.” Get the book, and do the work necessary to achieve your goals. You WILL succeed.”

P. Johnson, Amazon Review

“I’m a big fan of your book and have read it more than once.”

Ke Ja, Facebook Review

“I’ve read so many books to jump start my life and at last, Tom makes it easy!!! It seemed as if he were sitting in my living room speaking to me. He writes in easy to read and easy to follow instructions on how to FINALLY make the move to improve every aspect of your life. It worked for me!”

Marion M., Amazon Review

“Tom’s book is very inspirational and makes you want to press forward towards goals through adversity.”

Kristine Alonso

“I LOVED the book!!”

V.J. Ciccotto

“I thought the book, 7 Rules of Achievement was very inspiring and well written and gave another point of view I wouldn’t have seen on my own.”

Frank Porfidio

“I have attended many seminars. I was told that I must set and write down my goals if I am to achieve any desires I may have in life. Tom Terwilliger is the first of his kind to lay out a step-by-step blueprint on exactly how to accomplish goal achievements. A MUST read if you are serious in attaining any desirable GOAL…”

Marmon, Amazon Review

“7 Rules of Achievement, in a simple, easy to read and short way, unveils the secrets for goal setting. It has made a difference to the way I manage my goals. Thank you Tom!”

Fernando Delgado

“Great book that breaks down your goals so that they are concise and manageable. Manageable is the key factor here for me, as there is often a lot I want to accomplish, but it can get overwhelming. I have my action steps in place and on my way.”

Mark Shields

“Tom is the real thing. I have had the privilege of reading his book and it is life impacting. He takes the best that is out there and he condenses it into a potent message that on can apply in everyday living. It certainly is one of the top 5 of the hundreds of self awareness books that I have read and definitely the most practical and useful one of the lot.”

Avzal Ismail

“2 words: Absolute Clarity. This book is so simple and straight forward that even a dummy like me can understand the words of a champion, take it to heart and WIN! Loved it!”

Aaron Huey, Fire Mountain Programs

“Tom Terwilliger’s 7 Rules of Achievement is an excellent book. I have used it to pass two computer certification tests.”

Steven Kaleta

“An easy read. Straight-forward and entertaining. Also filled with practical insights that you can actually use. Too many ‘self-help’ books give abstract theory without a game-plan. This book gives you something you can use NOW. I especially like the ‘Time-Graph’ to achievement. It isn’t written in stone..flexible enough to use when your life changes course… A very good book that I easily recommend.”

George Chiasson, Amazon Review

7 rules of achievement testimonial from twitter

An easy read. Straight-forward and entertaining. Also filled with practical insights that you can actually use. Too many ‘self-help’ books give abstract theory without a game-plan. This book gives you something you can use NOW. I especially like the ‘Time-Graph’ to achievement. It isn’t written in stone..flexible enough to use when your life changes course.. A very good book that I easily recommend.

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