Have you ever had the experience of holding back or not doing something because you were afraid it wouldn’t be perfect? Or maybe you doggedly and tirelessly worked on perfecting something before revealing or releasing it -and by the time you did (if you ever did) it was to late or you completely missed the impact it might have had earlier? Or maybe you got so caught up in making sure it was “just right” that you missed out on the fun or reward of just freaking doing it.

It happens all the time.

I can remember as a stupid kid missing out on a really cool and what should have been fun bike ride all my friends were taking just because I had to make sure my bike had the perfect spit shine… I was seriously bummed.

Case in point:

Last week I sent out an email (perhaps you received it) announcing a very special teleseminar I was doing with lifestyle strategist, John Rowley. The email started with a silly spelling error that I nor my computers spell check (which I depend on heavily) had caught.

Here was the line from that email:

“If you have ever been asked for advise or have even been given advise… you already have an idea of exactly what coaching IS NOT!”

Did you catch the errors? (more…)

Well, I think we can agree that we don’t want to be just anywhere. We want to be where it is we want to be, and we want to know for sure we’re there.

Creating personalized easily recognizable and undeniable road signs, landmarks, and mile markers, to help you recognize where you are on your journey is imperative. Those same signs will also tell you exactly when you have arrived at your destination. It is important to understand that the terrain itself will look different than the map you have created. The map is the overview; the terrain is (more…)

Achievement Training part 6 of 7:

In this video training Tom Terwilliger, The Achievement Mentor and #1 best selling author of 7 RULES of Achievement goes beyond the tangible application of the first 5 RULES of Achievement and invokes the power of IMAGINATION.


“You may be motivated by any number of different superficial things, or stuff, but your true motivators, your deepest WHYS have nothing to do with the “stuff” and everything to do with your values and beliefs.”

– The Achievement Mentor

Achievement Process pt 3 0f 7:

Tom Terwilliger, the Achievement Mentor and author of 7 RULES of Achievement asks the question, “Where are you in relation to your objective?” Knowing specifically where you are in the achievement process is critical to your success. Without an exact position you will likely run around in circles until you’re frustrated and ready quit. Sound familiar? Find out how to break the cycle.