How long has your impassioned, competitive driving force been in a state of hibernation?

We’re about to change that. Achievement Mentor and #1 best selling author, Tom Terwilliger will share with you how the FEAR, doubt and uncertainty that once operated as a protection mechanism, has – over the past several years been spinning widely out of control and may have brought your internal “Ambition–Action–Achievement” mechanism to a screeching halt.

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IR Visualization Self-Hypnosis | Tom TerwilligerIR Visualization Process Audio

Self-hypnosis and meditation for success. If you can’t see, hear or feel your desired outcome, you’ll likely never achieve it.

The IR Visualization process is a powerful audio program designed to not only help you create a very clear internal representation of your goal but also make it an absolute uncompromising part of your immediate future.

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IR Visualization – Cheat Sheet (PDF)

For years coaches, trainers and individuals of every shape and size have been using this goal setting strategy without realizing its obvious shortcomings. As a result more and more people and organizations have become disenchanted and even frustrated with the idea of setting goals or have become serial goal setters with little or no results to show for it.

Terwilliger makes the case for questioning how you set your goals, which he argues is far more important than setting them in the first place. He illustrates how the most commonly used criterion for goal setting in the world falls dubiously short on several battle weary fronts.

#1 Bestseller Why SMART Goals May Be Dumb is the offshoot of Terwilliger’s, 7 Rules of Achievement and explores the missing A.C.T.I.O.N. formula for becoming what he calls an “Achievement Superhero.”

Ultimately Why SMART Goals May Be Dumb answers the question, “Is it better to be SMART or take ACTION when it comes to achieving what you want in life, love, business, and money?”

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“This book is a fast read. As an owner of an online business, I’m always looking for tips to improve my productivity. Sometimes I tend to over-think goal setting…If I can walk away from a book with several “a-ha” tips its worth my time and this book does just that. I read it in one i plan to go back and use the kindle highlight feature to get a second helping!”

–Keith Katsoulis